This Little Girl

I AM NOT CADY GROVES Cady does NOT have a tumblr.This is a fan-made blog because I'm kind of in love with her. One time, She kissed my face. It was awesome.

No pictures/edits/audio/video are mine unless stated otherwise. If I posted something belonging to you, it was unintentional. Just let me know and I will credit you. Thanks :)

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5’2 with a tude

Melissa posted links to what happend for those who were asking on her tumblr youre-stillshining and what cady did was wrong but whatever. Just putting it out there, but I LOVE cady's new song!!!!!


dude I don’t care to be involved in the drama okay?

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I think that other anon is referring to what cady said to youre-stillshining (Melissa) on Instagram. It wasn't cool or sassy or sweet


idk what you guys are talking about but i don’t really care because I’ve known Cady for years and she’s always been so good to me so whatevs

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so in love with her. and i looooove her new song she just put out

After what happened with that one girl I don't cady is a nice person or that good of a role model anymore. Her music is still good but she's not very nice


I don’t know what you’re talking about “with that one girl” but Cady is the sweetest woman alive dude trust me. we go way back. she’s sassy but she’s a sweetheart.

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